Much like my old VW Bug

I saw the neurologist at Vanderbilt yesterday & am back to square one. My pulse and BP didn’t do the POTS freak out while there. Like when you take your car to the mechanic & that funny noise your car was making has disappeared. So no tilt table test for me. The Dr. said to go back to my regular Dr. and see if it happens there & have the Dr. order a tilt table test then.

Bummer. Because Vanderbilt has an entire autonomic dysfunction clinic. The neurologist said that the wait time to get in there is very long & was not interested in referring me. He said that Drs. who don’t know what is wrong with their patients often send them there & the clinic is swamped.

And no joy regarding my tailbone pain. No MRI ordered or anything. I think it is hyper-flexing & what can you do about that anyway I guess. I’ve never seen an ass cast LOL. The Dr. prescribed a pain med for me & I’m not liking it too much.

The Dr. said a lot of my muscles are spasming (but I knew that already ouch & zzz) & to keep going to PT.

The appt was kind of a waste of time really. The one Dr. had never heard of EDS or of an MRI where you sit down. I think some Drs. get defensive when you know more about it then they do. Maybe he was an Intern or whatever you call student Drs.

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  • Supervillainess  On August 31, 2008 at 5:30 am

    Happens to me all the time with doctors! I’ve just learned to explain things very slowly and clearly, with a smile, like you’re teaching a young kid. Sorry about the waste of time doc appt. You know, I’m gonna recommend something crazy – I’ve had a lot of success with my connective tissue pain with a physical therapist who uses a lot of holistic healing approaches – you might call her to talk about the techniques she’s been using, and see if there’s someone near you who does them too. Her name’s Bonnie Masi.'s originally from Jersey, so she’s not the typical holistic-healing type.

  • Jilly  On September 2, 2008 at 6:12 am

    I'm doing Reiki and other energy healing & I think that is helping?

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