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Appropriately, Ehlers Danlos syndrome was mentioned on the TV show Bones last night. I watched it online today, out of curiosity. It’s on the Fox website.

Not real impressed with the nutjob portrayal, Fox Network. LOL. There is, in fact, a link between connective tissue disorders and OCD but sheesh. Over the top.

I have mild OCD — I know that is shocking SHOCKING — given the format of my other blog LOL.

Medicine says there is kind of a link between mitral valve prolapse and OCD and anxiety so maybe that is the connective tissue disorder link. Who knows?


I am definitely going to be a research subject at the Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Clinic — thank you universe. I’m missing a lot of work because of that … whatever it is … & it is bumming me out.


Last physical therapy appointment is tomorrow. Those folks have helped me out a lot & have referred me to someone else in town who does myofascial release. I’m reading Timothy Kelly’s book, Extremities. He’s a poet and physical therapist. Great book. You can read a poem from it at Verse Daily here. You can buy it here, which I suggest you do:



Ha ha such an idiot

LOL last time I was at the pain clinic (couple months ago?) I was, like, wow my shoulder is A LOT better!!! I don’t think I need to make another appointment. Bye! So long! Thanks for all the help! Have a good life!

Ha ha. I’m not quite understanding the “chronic” part of this syndrome yet. I have an appointment there next week. Both shoulders, my right hand/fingers, ribs, tailbone, every muscle in my body … whoo hoo. I’m going to see if they can give me a referral to an acupuncturist. I’m almost maxed-out on my allowed PT visits for the year. I need to try some stronger meds too. Which I hate. I hate taking stuff. I tried Neurontin for a week (I’m having a lot of muscle spasms/tremor) & no f’in way am I taking that. It made me feel bad in my head & didn’t do anything for pain.


I have 2 more blood pressure checks at my primary Dr., until I can get on the waiting list at the Autonomic Dysfunction Clinic at Vanderbilt. Luckily that Clinic is local to me. My heart rate last time was 87 when I was lying down and, when I stood, it went to 137. Feels like it, too, haha.


I’ve turned in my ADA job accommodation request to HR & they required a form where I have to give them permission to get at my medical records. What could I do but sign it? They are laying off some people next week. I don’t have a good feeling about it, really. Hubby has been “layed-off” now for several months & has had just 1 gig since. (Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island for a month.) Looks like it is cruise ship time. 😦

I have long-term disability insurance, and am thinking about that, but the process seems exhausting & I’m already exhausted. I’ve written like 3 poems so far this year.


I think this is the blog where I complain. Sorry.



Anyone know if there is anything you can do about ribs that move around?