Appropriately, Ehlers Danlos syndrome was mentioned on the TV show Bones last night. I watched it online today, out of curiosity. It’s on the Fox website.

Not real impressed with the nutjob portrayal, Fox Network. LOL. There is, in fact, a link between connective tissue disorders and OCD but sheesh. Over the top.

I have mild OCD — I know that is shocking SHOCKING — given the format of my other blog LOL.

Medicine says there is kind of a link between mitral valve prolapse and OCD and anxiety so maybe that is the connective tissue disorder link. Who knows?


I am definitely going to be a research subject at the Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Clinic — thank you universe. I’m missing a lot of work because of that … whatever it is … & it is bumming me out.


Last physical therapy appointment is tomorrow. Those folks have helped me out a lot & have referred me to someone else in town who does myofascial release. I’m reading Timothy Kelly’s book, Extremities. He’s a poet and physical therapist. Great book. You can read a poem from it at Verse Daily here. You can buy it here, which I suggest you do:


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  • Radish King  On November 9, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    I get this. Epileptics are still portrayed as being possessed by the devil on television and in movies. It seems to be one of those diseases like leprosy that people are truly terrified of being around.Also, it keeps you from getting a pilot’s license :(,r

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