The Thinker. But not.

The waiting list for the Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Clinic is 1 year, LOL. I applied to be a research subject there & viola! someone canceled. I go in tomorrow for 3 days of tests. Maybe now I’ll hopefully get a bit of resolution on the POTS. I’m lucky in that I am in the Nashville area.


This how I’m dealing with the ribs, courtesy of my PT:

Sit down on something in a way that someone can access the back of you. Lean forward & rest your elbow/forearm on the area above your knee. (Kind of like “The Thinker” but don’t put your chin on your hand or you’ll punch yourself in the face.):D

Have person (behind you) lean their elbow into your back, at the edge your spine, & press hard all the way down. That puts the ribs back. If you are sitting with your right arm on your left leg, the person would use their elbow down the right side of your spine. If you are sitting with your left arm on your right leg, the person would do the left side of your spine. Repeat as needed.

Check with your Dr. before trying it, you wouldn’t want to hurt your back. This pushes my ribs back in place. They come out again though. 😦


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