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well knock me down with a feather

“I didn’t arrive home until five, since I went to gym with the rest of the class. (I’m not allowed to take part because my shoulders and hips tend to get dislocated.)”Guess who wrote that:



I wore my fighter pilot pants yesterday. I can’t tell if they help, really.

pedantic graffiti

Un graffiti pedante
Originally uploaded by capitrueno

Graffiti in Madrid, Spain


My husband just left until April. (Out on the road.) He made it to Sydney alright.

Hoping my body holds together OK while he’s gone.

Advantages of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Advantages of having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

1. I look younger than my age, which is evidently common with EDS type 3?
2. I can scratch any itch on my own back.
3. I bet I could escape a pair of handcuffs.

Latest disadvantage to add to the list – macular pucker. Smooch.