Where I’ve Been For The Past Week

I’ve been at the Autonomic Dysfunction Clinic at Vanderbilt in Nashville for just over a week now. Last fall I was here for about 3 days, I think, when I was diagnosed with POTS. I’m really lucky because I live in the Nashville area so I don’t have to travel far to get here. In fact, I used to work at Vanderbilt so it used to be my commute. πŸ™‚

At the moment I am in bed and waiting for a druug trial to begin. They have to wait a while after I eat breakfast. I am in about 5 research studies. (I don’t feel like looking at the paperwork and my memory isn’t too hot right now.) I’ve done about 4 other trials so far & have another tomorrow. I take pill X (I’m given a list of them when I go over the paperwork but I don’t know what it is when I take it) and then I sit for a while. Because my problem (POTS) is more evident when I am vertical, periodic BP/pulse measurements are taken while I am sitting and when I am standing up. I have an I.V. catheter and blud draws at intervals. I also write down what I am feeling during the “stand up” times. Takes about 7 hours, which includes the “getting up early to eat breakfast then waiting for it to start” time haha.

I think I’ve watched about 47 episodes of NCIS and various permutations of Law & Order while I have been here. πŸ™‚

Other tests I’ve had are a blud volume test, sweat test, and a test for a type of vein gas. Yeah the results are a little bit off.

When I am finished on Friday they will go over my results and give me a treatment plan. Then my neighbor is picking me up. We will go immediately to coffee. I’m on a special diet here. It isn’t bad – I’m never about to complain about having food to eat or a bed to sleep in. But do I miss coffee and chocolate.

There is a filter on this computer, hence the creative spelling.

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