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Researchers from Keele University’s School of Psychology have determined that swearing can have a ‘pain-lessening effect’, according to new study published in the journal NeuroReport: Swearing Can Actually Increase Pain Tolerance

Transition in Chronic Illness Booklets: Several booklets, including Grief and Loss

Lord Shiva Kicks Ass: The Liberating Power of Loss

I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve been grieving these past couple weeks about becoming disabled. (I know, I’m kind of dense.) I have a therapy appointment at the end of the month; I’ll talk about it then. I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing. My heart feels very open & I’m getting a good lesson in “tender heart” as Trungpa calls it in his Shambhala tradition.

(I’m lucky – my therapist knows all about Shambhala training, etc so I can talk about this stuff without her thinking I’m a kook.)

I’m sad for the things I can’t do anymore yet my newly downgraded capabilities haven’t completely sunk in yet.

I can appreciate a bigger picture so I’m not completely wallowing/drowning. But it still feels like grief and loss. ouch.

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