The Matrix is a system, Neo.

Biological tissue’s ‘glue’ identified

Looks like the Center for Matrix Biology at Vanderbilt is also studying fibroblasts.

Collagen is in cells but is outside too – part of the extracellular matrix – is that correct? I’m trying to learn but it is pretty confusing:

Collagen is the most common protein in your body and there are many types of collagen.

The body’s scaffolding – connective tissue – like blood, fascia, heart valves, bones, skin, veins, arteries, eyeballs, tendons, etc contain collagen.

My body makes messed up collagen because there’s probably a messed up collagen chromosome.

There’s chromosomes in every cell. In the nucleus, because that’s where the genome is.

And evidently the genome wad in the nucleus would be 6 1/2 feet long if it was unfolded! That blows my mind.

I wonder if I have this all correct. I haven’t had a biology class in decades. I’d like to understand how fibroblasts and collagen work and what exactly the extracellular matrix is.

Wish I could take Dr. Billy Hudson out to lunch and have him explain it to me haha.


My cardiologist recommended that I have an MRI with contrast on Monday – of my heart/aorta and stuff to check for aneurysms – but Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee doesn’t want to approve the procedure so it is canceled. The Cardiologist’s office is still trying; I guess a Dr. was going to do a one-on-one with them this afternoon but I haven’t heard any updates.

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