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Pain devices – infrared light?

Has anyone tried those infrared LED pain-relieving appliances?

I am skeptical but I love my TENS unit and that is kind of weird too.


May is Ehlers Danlos syndrome awareness month

so I better post. 🙂 Since I last posted, I had to quit working, which is traumatic. Also, my town got whomped by a flood, which is traumatic. I’m personally very isolated/alone, which is traumatic. :/ At least it is baseball season. 🙂

Also, I deleted my facebook account due to all their privacy ickiness – I can always be reached here if you knew me from the facebook Ehlers danlos groups.

No One Needs EDS Awareness More Than Doctors YES!

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Carotid Artery Dissection Masquerading as Horner Syndrome Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal:
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Science of the soldier’s heart “One of the more curious medical maladies is a condition euphemistically called “soldier’s heart” or “head rush” disorder.”

Mutations that disrupt protein trafficking in the cell – and cause misshapen “faces” in zebrafish embryos – may hold clues to craniofacial birth defects and degenerative cartilage diseases in humans.