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The quest for more sodium

Making sure I get enough sodium everyday (10 grams) is a challenge. I don’t like sports drinks because many have sugar substitutes and I can’t tolerate that.

I recently bought a box of Liptons “Soup Secrets” Noodle Soup (chicken) without reading the label too closely. Because of POTS I want to get grocery shopping over with ASAP haha. Plus I’m usually so fogged over I’m not inclined to read/comprehend. I figured soup mix = sodium, OK I’ll buy it.

The label says that there is 670 mg of sodium per serving. A serving is “2 Tbsp.”

Wha? Of powder, unmixed? Says there is 8 servings per container. Is the container the box? Or a packet? (There are 2 packets per box. One mixes 4 C of water per packet.) 670 x 8 = 5360 mg which is 5.36 grams.

Edit: nevermind I found a different type of label on their website, which has more info than the box I bought:

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More sodium than my box too.

So if I ate a packet / 4 C per day that would, according to the label, be 760 x 4 =3040 mg 3.04 grams? Not sure if it is worth it.

Anyway, I made a packet and mixed an egg into the boiling water before I added the packet, to make it like fake-o egg drop soup then I added some lemon juice for fake-o greek chicken lemon soup and have some leftover for my morning sodium shot.


An Update To Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation Banned Me

I posted an update on my other blog, Ehlers Danlos National Foundation (EDNF) 2008 Financials.