The quest for more sodium

Making sure I get enough sodium everyday (10 grams) is a challenge. I don’t like sports drinks because many have sugar substitutes and I can’t tolerate that.

I recently bought a box of Liptons “Soup Secrets” Noodle Soup (chicken) without reading the label too closely. Because of POTS I want to get grocery shopping over with ASAP haha. Plus I’m usually so fogged over I’m not inclined to read/comprehend. I figured soup mix = sodium, OK I’ll buy it.

The label says that there is 670 mg of sodium per serving. A serving is “2 Tbsp.”

Wha? Of powder, unmixed? Says there is 8 servings per container. Is the container the box? Or a packet? (There are 2 packets per box. One mixes 4 C of water per packet.) 670 x 8 = 5360 mg which is 5.36 grams.

Edit: nevermind I found a different type of label on their website, which has more info than the box I bought:

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More sodium than my box too.

So if I ate a packet / 4 C per day that would, according to the label, be 760 x 4 =3040 mg 3.04 grams? Not sure if it is worth it.

Anyway, I made a packet and mixed an egg into the boiling water before I added the packet, to make it like fake-o egg drop soup then I added some lemon juice for fake-o greek chicken lemon soup and have some leftover for my morning sodium shot.

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  • Wacky Lisa  On July 28, 2010 at 1:41 am

    I don't have a prescribed target level of salt but I know I do better with more salt and a fluid in my diet. (I'm hesitant to do too much fluid leading with the EDS and don't really have a doctor I can ask about it.) It really can be hard. Reading labels has been enlightening and discouraging at the same time. The things that taste salty like chips might not be the best thing for me.You might want to do a search for homemade electrolyte solution. Parents tend to make it for their sick kids and then it can be made with real sugar/agave/whatever to your taste and with or without salt substitute and salt.I love my sea salt grinder.

  • BadGlue  On July 28, 2010 at 5:07 am

    Thanks Lisa – I'll look for the homemade recipe! Yay!

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