Product Review: CorningWare SimplyLite Bakeware

I’m doing some reviews of items that have made my life easier, as I’ve had to adjust to having an Ehlers Danlos syndrome body.

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CorningWare SimplyLite 10-Piece Bakeware

CorningWare SimplyLite 10-Piece Bakeware Set

Being a thrifty* sort of person it pained me greatly (GREATLY) to buy new cookware – $50 for new dishes, gah – when I already owned perfectly good bakeware or could pick up some more at the thrift store for cheap.

But what good is cookware when you can’t even lift it? So I bought a set of SimplyLite when I was still able to work and was earning an income, and I don’t regret it.

These are light!!!! Weirdly strong and lightweight, like a 3 year-old boy who just ate 5 pixie sticks** in a row:

Pixy Pixi Stix Candy Powder Straws (48 count)

Like a lot of folks with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, I have poor prioception, which basically means that I am a big klutz. I’ve manhandled this SimplyLight cookware 10 ways to tomorrow & it hasn’t even chipped. I’m a satisfied customer.

(*embarrassing thrift admission: I put the small leftover slivers of bar soap in my spa gloves (Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves 1 ea) in order to use every bit. And I’ve had the same spa gloves for like 2 years now. They rock. I guess I think that wasting stuff is a sin.)

(**pixie stix warning: don’t strangle yourself.)

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