Product review: Peel N’ Stick Body Warmer

I’m doing some reviews of items that have made my life easier, as I’ve had to adjust to having an Ehlers Danlos syndrome body.

I am not being paid nor am I receiving anything for writing this review, but if you click on a product ad and buy an item I get a % at no additional cost to you.

Grabber Adhesive Peel N’ Stick Body Warmer – 12+ Hour (Box of 40 Warmers)

Grabber Warmers Grabber 12+ Hours Peel N’ Stick Body Warmer, 40-Count

Hmmm 40 sticky hotty things for $32 or 9 sticky hotty things for $18? Which is the better deal, hmm, haha.

ThermaCare Air-Activated Neck, Shoulder and Wrist HeatWraps, Powerful Pain Relief Plus Deep Tissue Relaxation – NEW shape for improved fit – 9 HeatWraps

Granted, the ThermaCare warmers are bigger, but the Grabber warmers work just as well, I’ve found. I’m glad I stocked up when I had the $$.

I stick them on the inside of my shirt, because I have shoulder pain all the time and my classical ehlers danlos syndrome skin + adhesives is not a good combo.

Sometimes I use 2 at a time because I invariably

a. turn a t-shirt inside out

b. think “ok it’s my right shoulder I want it on” so I stick the warmer on the right side

c. turn the t-shirt correct side out and put it on

d. curse, because now that the shirt is correct side out, the warmer is now on the left shoulder

e. take t-shirt off, turn it inside out, put an additional warmer on in the correct spot

The label says not to use while sleeping, but I’ve fallen asleep with them on. Probably not the safest thing to do.


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  • Sherlock  On August 5, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    I've never used anything like this (although my hubby swears by this stuff — he puts one on his lower back before playing golf!!). But I'm allergic to adhesives so I just considered using it. I never thought of putting the sticky side on my clothes. Thanks for the great tip!! BTW is there any problem getting the sticky stuff off the material?

  • BadGlue  On August 5, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    I haven't had any problems. I put them on t-shirts just in case though.I'm allergic to most adhesives too.