Product Review: TENS Unit Electrodes

I’m doing some reviews of items that have made my life easier, as I’ve had to adjust to having an Ehlers Danlos syndrome body.

I am not being paid nor am I receiving anything for writing this review, but if you click on a product ad and buy an item I get a % at no additional cost to you.

These 4 TENS electrodes are available on Amazon for $3.49 to $2.50 and free shipping; a very good deal.

I have sensitive skin when it comes to adhesives, due to Classic Ehlers Danlos syndrome. These electrodes don’t bother my skin at all, while also being very sticky and not budging from wherever they are stuck to. (My back and my shoulders, primarily.)

I’m not sure if buying in bulk would save one money; larger quantities are available on Amazon for a lower unit price. I was afraid to buy in bulk with these – how well do TENS electrodes age? Does the sticky gel degrade? Dry out? Start to stink? I don’t know.

I’ve been reusing these & they still stick OK so I’m “sticking” with them for a while before I need to buy some more hardee har har har.

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