Product Review: Zibra Universal Package Opener

I’m doing some reviews of items that have made my life easier, as I’ve had to adjust to having an Ehlers Danlos syndrome body.

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Zibra Open It Universal Package Opener

Zibra ZPCOPEN-OR Open It Universal Package Opener

This is stupid, I thought, when I bought this thing. I have scissors and knives.

But I have to admit, this thing does the job. On one end is a clipper, and inside the other end (handles) are a retractable screwdriver and boxcutter.

This is why the Open It opener is better than scissors: the clipper/scissor function is SPRING LOADED. So if you have hand pain or weakness you can still cut through that ^#%@ plastic clamshell blister packaging without dislocating or bruising your entire hand.

Plus when I would use scissors I would invariably cut myself on the packaging and bleed all over the durn place.

 The product description on Amazon suggests that it “Solves wrap rage.” I don’t currently have problems with wrap rage so, indeed, it must be working.

NCAA Tennessee Volunteers Garden Gnome

The Zibra opener only comes in 1 color – blaze orange (AKA Vols Orange, in some parts of the country). The color is handy for knowing where it is at all times,  and is fashionable if you live in Tennessee, but may be problematic for consumers who live in FL or AL.

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