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NIH study: Evaluation and Treatment of Patients With Connective Tissue Disease

This study offers evaluation and treatment of patients with a suspected connective tissue disorder. The protocol is not designed to test new treatments; rather, patients receive standard care. The study is designed to: 1) allow NICHD’s staff to learn more about connective tissue disorders, 2) train physicians in the evaluation and treatment of these disorders; and 3) establish a pool of patients who may be eligible for other NICHD protocols for connective tissue disorders. (Participants in this protocol will not be required to join another study; the decision will be voluntary.) Has anyone participated in this study? Thanks.


What does this mean?

Characteristics of chronic non-specific musculoskeletal pain [CNSMSP] in children and adolescents attending a rheumatology outpatients clinic: a cross-sectional study PDF

“In the psychosocial domain CNSMSP subjects had increased levels of anxiety and depression, and had more somatic pain complaints. In the lifestyle domain CNSMSP subjects had lower physical activity levels, but no difference in television or computer use compared to pain free subjects. Physically, CNSMSP subjects tended to sit with a more slumped spinal posture, had reduced back muscle endurance, increased presence of joint hypermobility and poorer gross motor skills.”

“Conclusion: These findings support the notion that CNSMSP is a multidimensional biopsychosocial disorder.”

I hope the subjects were tested for EDS.

What does that mean?

Product review: Best of All brand Unsulphured Ginger Slices

I use these ginger slices from vitacost to help with nausea and carsickness. The Sea Bands that I previously reviewed still work OK for me, but I don’t like to sleep with them on.

(Incidentally my husband actually is “at sea” sometimes so I gave him his own pair of those Sea Bands and he says they also work for him when there are rough seas. He normally doesn’t get very seasick unless there is a bad storm or something.)

Anyway the Best of All brand unsulphured ginger slices are just sliced ginger and sugar and are a pretty good deal for $2.89 a bag. I keep the bag by the bed and eat a couple when I wake up.

The slices are really fresh so they are kind of on the hot/spicy side. It’s a good mix with the sugary coating.

The slices are soft but not too mushy and they are chewy but you won’t dislocate your jaw on them.

*I am not being paid nor am I receiving anything for writing this review. 🙂

Ehlers Danlos and POTS links

Sorry if any of these are duplicates. No energy to double-check. 🙂