POTS & Flying and Las Vegas Trip Review Part One

The last time I flew, I wore an abdominal binder, because flying with postural tachycardia syndrome can be tricky. That flight went OK. But because I was wearing the binder, the TSA took me to a clear plexiglass room between the 2 x-ray lanes and I had to be frisked and lift up my shirt, etc. While my meds and laptop sat on the end of the xray conveyer belt unattended. (This was a few months before the TSA groping policy came into play.)

I chose not to wear my abdominal binder on this trip out to Las Vegas because of that previous TSA experience. Mistake.

About 2 hours into the flight my POTS symptoms kicked in – they feel a lot like a panic attack but are triggered by the air pressure changes/orthostatic changes. Tachycardia, amped up pain level, shaky, kind of an out of body feeling, hands getting numb. I asked the flight attendant for oxygen & he set that up for me & made an “Is there a doctor on board?” announcement. Normally I would have been mortified x 10 but I was feeling so shitty I didn’t care. A doctor from Centennial in Nashville can forward and helped out as did a nurse named Kim from Vanderbilt. They were very nice & both worked in nephrology. The Dr told me to have some bloody mary mix & I drank several.

Before I knew it, it was time to land and be met at the gate by the paramedics.

…to be continued….

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